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Alex of Sharab Shrub Presents An Evening of Craft Cocktails

Join us as we discuss one of the worlds oldest drinks! Alex from Sharab Shrubs will be discussing shrubs and how these ancient ferments have been brought into the modern age. From cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as being used for vinaigrettes and marinades, Alex will discuss and demonstrate different techniques to use shrubs in your life!

Each attendee will be given a recipe guide with 4 cocktails, 1 sparkling wine cocktail, and ways to incorporate Sharab Shrubs into your cooking! 

Sharab Shrubs is a Minneapolis based company that was founded in late 2016 by Alex Zweber. He was focused on bringing a more fruit friendly shrub to the masses via cold press maceration and bright flavors. Available online and throughout the metro area, Sharab Shrubs can be found in many of your favorite restaurants and bars. 

$10 with a $5.00 Cotroneo's Wine & Spirits Gift Card included

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