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Twin Cities Wine Education Presents Wines of Northern Italy Venice to Turin

Twin Cities Wine Education is proud to present one of our most popular classes

Wine Regions of Northern Italy, from Venice to Turin

It's one of my favorite wine journeys, and the route I've travelled the most in Europe.

Starting in the Veneto and exploring Venice, we'll talk in detail about exploring this most historic of cities and how to have a personal and memorable experience. Then we're off to the hills of Prosecco, learning about modern trends in the winemaking and marketing, and how it's impacting you as a consumer. We'll detail the main grape variety of Prosecco along with the winemaking method and the cultural use of the wine.

Heading east to Friuli, on the border with the former Yugoslavia, we'll learn about the most serious white wines of Italy and why they are distinctively different from all others. Zooming up to Alto Adige, we'll discuss the Germanic influence in the area (and why everybody is tri-lingual), including what makes these alpine wines age-worthy to fascinating extremes.

Downward to Verona we go, with a deep education on the wines of Valpolicella including Ripasso and the legendary Amarone, plus hints and tips for travel in this land of Romeo and Juliet.

Then to finish off the night, we head west to Piemonte, learning about Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo while tasting great examples (including Barolo!).

It's quite a journey, and one that I send many people on for a 'true' Italian experience (which involves a melting pot of sub-cultures). 

Six great wines will be served to guide us on our journey, along with maps and handouts galore! I hope you can make it!

Later Event: January 20
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