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Jason Kallsen presents The World of Sauvignon Blanc $42

The World of Sauvignon Blanc


Pouilly-Fume. Sancerre. New Zealand. Napa Valley. Oregon. Chile. They are all making great Sauvignon Blancs but they are so different in style.


In this new class we’ll examine the Sauvignon Blanc variety in depth, just in time for summer drinking. We’ll start off with the genetic history of the variety (including the surprising offspring it produced) along with the typical styles and traits we seek out and find in the grape.


Going into the tasting, we’ll examine more of the chemistry of the wine and the role that pyrazine plays in the formation of the aromas (that green pepper smell? That’s pyrazine) and how it can be controlled through different winemaking techniques.


Of course accompanying the class will be a wide selection of wines from diverse terrors and winemakers. The spiritual home of Sauvignon Blanc, Pouilly-Fume and Sancerre in the Loire Valley, will be covered in depth along with New Zealand, Napa Valley, Chile, and more. Rest assured we will be tasting some of the top Sauvignon Blancs produced in the world today!


Get ready for the sunny muggy days of summer with the The World of Sauvignon Blanc class!