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The Wonderful World of Chardonnay

Twin Cities Wine Educator and owner Jason Kallsen will take us through the mysteries of Chardonnay.

Twin Cities Wine Education is proud to present
A comprehensive look at one of the great grapes of the wine world
There is no other variety quite like Chardonnay. A workhorse of a grape that makes oceans of often times quite decent wine. But also one of the most refined varieties producing some of the best (and most expensive) white wines on the planet.
In this new and comprehensive class, we'll go deep into the world of Chardonnay while tasting a range of wines that will show you just how diverse and wonderful they can be.
We'll start with the history of Chardonnay, covering the genetics of it and what other varieties it's related to (you might be suprised!). Included in this section will be a detailed overview of the "home" of Chardonnay: Burgundy, France. You'll learn about the range of styles and what to look for to get what you want.
Then we're on to the New World, tasting and discussing great wines from California, Oregon, and more. We'll learn why clonal selection matters and how it has impacted Chardonnay production throughout the west coast.
The range of wines will be stunning, including top level Burgundy and Californian selections.
I hope you can make it for this new class!

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