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Jason Kallsen's Ultimate Intro To Wine Part III - Your Wine Cellar & Maximum Wine Enjoyment

Are you enjoying your wine to the fullest? Do you wonder what it takes to build a wine collection? What about stemware, decanters, and wine gadgets? How does temperature change wine enjoyment? What are the basics of food and wine pairing? What faults can happen with wine?

All of these questions and much more will be answered in the Ultimate Intro to Wine Part Three class.

A modern wine cellar, by my definition, is a collection of wines that allow you to serve any type of wine to any guest to go with any food or any occasion at anytime. How many wines does this take? Not as many as you think.

In today’s world, wines are designed to be consumed earlier and earlier (and therefore shouldn’t be laid down nearly as long as they used to). However, some are good to lay down and we’ll discuss why while tasting aged wine and learning the chemistry of wine storage.

We’ll also cover how best to store your little collection, tips and tricks to organization and access, as well as food and wine pairing ideas to enjoy your new wine cellar. Comprehensive handouts will have you well on your way to a heck of a good wine collection for yourself.

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