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Jason Kallsen's "So You Want To Be A Sommelier? An Introduction to Deductive Wine Tasting"

In this new class Twin Cities Wine Education creator & educator Jason Kallsen will dive into the world of the sommelier, covering the numerous (and thus confusing) number of wine certification agencies in the world and their purpose. You’ll receive comprehensive suggestions on programs to pursue along with a healthy does of Jason’s opinions. We’ll discuss wine careers, both part time and life long, and how you can take the next step in your wine journey.

And you'll learn all about deductive tasting! If you’ve seen the movie SOMM you’ll know what Jason's talking about. Deductive tasting is incredibly educational and fun, and will teach you how to deconstruct a wine based on patterns we will cover, including but not limited to:

*What does the different hues of a wine indicate?
*What are the aromatic indicators of different types of winemaking?
*Can you tell an American wine from a European wine just from looking at it?
*What does the aroma of green pepper indicated in a red wine? What about dill?
*How does mouthfeel actually work, and what does it tell you about a wine?
*Can the finish of a wine indicate winemaking methods that were used?

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Later Event: October 26
Wine Down Wednesday!!!